We believe in maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance and transparency. It is one of the key criteria we use for underwriting clients and is at the very core of our values and philosophy. We believe it makes great business sense and is the only way to build long-term credibility in the financial sector. Given our emphasis on innovation, all our in-house products and structures get vetted in great depth from a legal, taxation and regulatory perspective.
We track compliance and changes to the law on an ongoing basis and very often find ourselves proactively adhering to best practices before they become the norm. We ensure that along with us, our associates and those we engage with, are compliant with the law. We take great pride in the fact that we are widely recognised for adhering to and promoting high standards of governance and business ethics in the space we operate in.
We have a zero-tolerance policy for corruption or bribery in any form and are committed to acting with integrity and in a professional manner in all our business dealings and relationships, wherever we operate. We also believe that financial institutions play a crucial role in the prevention of money laundering and financial crimes, and we regularly upgrade our policies and processes to adopt international standards and best practices on combating financial crime.

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Origination through Digital Lending Platform
Revision in Credit Rating
Public disclosure on liquidity risk - June 2021
Intimation of changes in the Board of Directors
EGM Notice - 12th July 2021
EGM Notice - 25th May 2021
Public disclosure on liquidity risk - March 2021
Valuation Report dated 27.05.2021.