We work with a most inspiring set of client partners. Our partners are not just promising institutions, businesses and entrepreneurs – they are leaders in their own right. Given the sectors they cater to, their commitment to their last mile clients, and the manner in which they have founded and scaled their businesses, each one of them is a story of inspiration. Engaging closely with a large number of diverse clients across sectors has driven our business
understanding across multiple geographies and cycles. Our focus on creating customized financing solutions to meet the varied funding needs of our clients, has opened the doors of financing for these sectors, that were not available a decade ago. Many of our clients have grown manifold during the period of our association. We see ourselves as partners in progress and share a long-term outlook towards our clients.

Empowering businesses to take the next big leap

We strive to offer our clients that which they would find hard to access on their own – our wide domestic and international investor base, our understanding of legal and regulatory requirements across products and jurisdictions, our focus on product innovation backed by research and development, our state-of-the-art risk-analytics and modelling, our experience across geographies and evolving sectors, and our learnings though on-going engagement with rating agencies, legal firms, trustees, exchanges, regulators and others.

We enable our clients to focus on their core strength while they entrust us with the task of providing them with the debt they require for growth. We value the trust they place in us and take great pride in their growth and success.

The benefits of partnering with us are

  • Establishing a pathway to raise debt capital
  • Lower cost of funds through structured finance products
  • Access to deep sectoral knowledge for best products and cost structures
  • Enabling price discovery and liquidity
  • Getting opportunities to access domestic and global investors

Our partner on-boarding process

List of potential clients by sector
Pre-due diligence filtering and evaluation
Due diligence process begins with detailed field visit and profiling of business and functions
Detailed report including but not limited to:
  • Governance
  • Management
  • Systems
  • Processes
  • Quantitative evaluation on the basis of underwriting guidlines and financial performance
  • Assignment of score
Report and score presented to Credit Committee
Post approval, partner becomes eligible for investments by Northern Arc Capital and its wide pool of investors