Introducing nPOS: The Comprehensive Platform for Partnership Lending/ Co-lending

nPOS is a powerful platform that connects Banks and other Financial Institutions with Originators, providing a comprehensive solution for loan origination, underwriting, disbursement, and collection reconciliation processes involved in Co-lending/ partnership lending. It is a versatile platform that caters to multiple sectors such as Microfinance, Small business loans, Mortgage loans, Vehicle loans, Consumer durable loans, and Personal loans and can accommodate all types of retail loans.

Our Products


nPOS by Northern Arc streamlines the loan processes for seamless lending.

Northern Arc was one of the first NBFCs in the country to commence Co-lending. It has enabled access to finance to underserved segments through structured finance products like PTCs and DAs. nPOS benefits from the extensive experience & learnings Northern Arc has developed, with its presence in these segments.

The platform is highly configurable. Its scalable design allows for easy integration with external parties, making it a seamless and secure platform for financial institutions and originators alike.

Key Features of nPOS

nPOS provides a highly configurable and streamlined process for partnership based loan origination, underwriting, disbursement, and collection reconciliation. By leveraging its API architecture, nPOS enables financial institutions to seamlessly connect with external parties while they can continue to use their existing systems.

  1. Lead generation - APIs integration – APIs are published for multiple products, allowing easy integration for both Lenders and Originators
  2. Underwriting. - Automatic - Configurable rules for real time underwriting with zero invention of the credit team.
  3. Nu Score
    1. Proprietary machine learning based solution for data-backed risk assessment.
    2. Real-time optimised risk assessment with recommendation on disbursement amount and interest rate It also aids in credit limit decisioning.
  4. KYC verification
    1. System integration with multiple third-party verifiers like NSDL, Vahan, Udyam, UIDAI, etc.
    2. Configurable for multiple checks including name match, face match, address match, etc.
  5. Disbursement
    1. Integration with designated bank account for real-time disbursements
    2. Communication with borrowers as per Digital Lending Guidelines
  6. Collection reconciliation and analytics.
    1. NPOS’s collection reconciliation functionalities include reconciling the repayment schedules and collection apportionment of the Borrower (100%) among the Lender with 80% funding, and Lender with 20% funding.
  7. NPOS has powerful reporting and analytics capabilities. By capturing and analyzing data throughout the loan origination process and repayments, nPOS provides financial institutions with valuable insights into their lending operations. This enables them to identify areas for improvement, optimize their processes, and make data-driven decisions to drive business growth.

Key Benefits of the nPOS platform

With nPOS the financial institutions can easily integrate with multiple Originators, third-party data providers, credit bureaus, and other service providers, enabling them to make more informed lending decisions and provide better customer service.

By leveraging nPOS's APIs, financial institutions can easily connect with their internal systems, such as their core banking systems or payment processors, further streamlining their operations and reducing manual errors.

Security First Implementation: With multi-factor authentication for red side (from external Ips) login and credential-based authentication for green side login coupled with encryption end to end and role-based access control (RBAC), the platform ensures fully secured communication and no possible breach of security and/or data. All PI data and sensitive information is encrypted or masked before storing the database. Separate interfaces are provided to each investor, facilitator, and originator with right level of access to the underlying data and services through RBAC. End to end auditing capability is inbuilt into the system resulting in instant alerting on breach of any kind and all actions traceable back to the source. An easy-to-use interface to manage the users and their roles is provided.

Scalability: The platform is cloud ready built on microservices based architectural paradigm, primarily with open-source technologies. Elastic upscaling comes out of the box allowing the platform to sustain sudden bursts of requests and corresponding downscale post that keeping the costs optimized. All computations are run in memory over a high performant parallel cluster.

Flexibility: The platform can be deployed in a variety of modes as per an investor’s convenience. On premises as a hosted solution, on cloud as a service, or in a hybrid environment are readily available solutions.

Proactive Monitoring, Notifications and Alerts: Entire system is under constant monitoring and any deviations pertaining to technical, user, or infra usage is immediately identified and alerted. With time the product will develop intelligence in the sense that it will start providing proactive alerts allowing preventive measures to be taken in above scenarios.

Thorough Compliance: The platform is thoroughly tested for any security loopholes through rigorous Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) and static and dynamic analysis of code.

What are the requirements to get on nPOS?
NPOS offers a highly configurable processes that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each institution. NPOS is available to all Financial Institutions, regardless of their size, location, or specialty.

Originators or Lenders can get in touch with us by dropping an email to