Tech and Analytic Solutions
Our Technology System, Nimbus, has Enabled us to Scale up Business Operations with Execution and Functional Efficiencies, along with Data Analytics. It has been the Backbone of our Growth as a Leading Debt Platform.

Our proprietary integrated technology platform, Nimbus, is a curated debt platform that enables the flow of credit to our Originator Partners either through our balance sheet or through our Investor Partners. Nimbus provides the ability for end-to-end processing of debt transactions: from loan application, credit evaluation, generation of legal documentation to transaction execution and closure. This leads to distinct advantages for the users, such as scale, precision, transparency, and efficiency in turnaround time. It also enables the flow of information between our Originator Partners and Investor Partners, allowing them to monitor deal progress, execute, and conclude debt transactions. Furthermore, the platform enables Investor Partners to review the underlying company’s performance and provides a comprehensive solution from ideation to execution, monitoring, and closure.

Nimbus covers the full spectrum of internal functions, ranging from partner onboarding, credit evaluation, and decisioning, to the approval of credit exposure limits, data-driven risk monitoring and analytics, documentation and execution, and post-transaction compliance and monitoring. The system further integrates these functionalities across all teams, i.e., origination, credit, risk, structuring, legal, treasury, accounts, audit, operations, and compliance teams, to create an exhaustive end-to-end workflow and repository of all data and documents for our portfolio. We have enabled credit of ₹908.97 billion* through Nimbus.

*As of September 30, 2023

Tech and Analytic Solutions

Set out below are some of the benefits offered by Nimbus to our Originator Partners and Investor Partners.

Originator Partners Benefits

  • Provides access to a wide investor base.
  • Offers curated opportunities for raising debt.
  • Enables digital execution of a wide range of debt transactions, including loans, capital markets, and structured debt transactions such as the issuance of NCDs, rated securitization, direct assignment, pooled loan issuance (PLI), and pooled bond issuance (PBI).
  • Allows counterparties like trustees, rating agencies, and legal advisors to interact with a similar interface for efficiently executing capital markets transactions.

Investor Partners

  • Provides curated opportunities for investments.
  • Enables a digital workflow for the execution of a wide range of transactions, including loans, capital markets, and structured finance transactions such as the issuance of NCDs, rated securitization, direct assignment, PLI, and PBI.
  • Offers insights into the performance of past deals of institutions being evaluated for funding, facilitating better decision-making.
  • Provides post-investment transaction and portfolio monitoring to keep track of collection efficiencies, delinquencies, and credit enhancement build-up.
  • Offers insights from macro and transaction-level data in relation to the primary and secondary bond markets.