Our technology system, Nimbus has enabled us to scale up business operations with execution and functional efficiencies and data analytics, and has been the backbone of our growth as a leading debt platform.

Nimbus has provided an impetus to our debt platform that has allowed us to:
(i) engage with our Originator Partners, and Investor Partners, mid-market companies and execute and conclude a host of loan and other debt investment transactions; (ii) successfully integrate the full spectrum of internal functions like client on-boarding, approval of credit exposure limits, credit decisioning, data-driven risk monitoring, documentation, etc.; and (iii) digitize a data lake collected from underlying retail pools of our Originator Partners.

Our Originator Partners and Investor Partners can log on to Nimbus and access documents, access fundraising and investment opportunities, and execute transactions online.

Nimbus provides the ability for end-to-end processing of debt transactions, from loan application, credit evaluation, generation of legal documentation to transaction execution and closure. Certain of the key benefits offered by Nimbus to our Originator Partners include, that it provides access to a wide investor base and provides curated opportunities for raising debt. Similarly, certain of the key benefits offered by Nimbus to our Investor Partners, including providing curated opportunities for investments and enables digital execution of a wide range of transactions.