Tapping promising credit opportunities in India’s emerging sectors
Discover a transformational approach to credit.
We are a regulated NBFC that acts as a bridge between capital market investors and emerging sectors, covering the entire gamut of credit opportunities through our innovative products and structures. We believe in the vast potential of borrowers in the underbanked space. We believe they are a vital part of the economic growth engine. We believe that through debt investments in them,
we can help to fuel their progress. The unique debt investment opportunities we present are rooted in our in-depth understanding of the sectors we work in. Through deep knowledge, focussed underwriting and our last mile reach, we tap into the promise of India’s emerging sectors. Northern Arc stands for access, growth and prosperity for all.
  • 10+ years

    of investing
  • 33 million

    lives impacted
  • $ 8 billion+

    finance enabled
  • 400+

    structured rated
  • 125+

  • 125+

    client partners

Sectors that offer promising opportunities

A journey that unleashes the potential to change lives and fortunes.

Small Business Loans
Housing Finance
Vehicle Finance
Direct Origination
We bring a time-tested, grounds-up approach to credit underwriting across the financial spectrum in India. We look deeper, we evaluate better and we move faster. Our expertise lies in uncovering opportunities unnoticed by many, till we uncover them.
Through our understanding of the unique needs of the sectors we work in, we align ourselves with our client partners. Through our skin-in-the-game approach, we align ourselves with our debt investors.
By tailoring our underwriting approach to the dynamics of emerging sectors, we create economic opportunities that would, otherwise, be inaccessible to our client partners and our debt investors.
Our Unique Path

Finance with purpose.
Leading through deep insights

Sector focussed underwriting, combined with a capital markets approach that creates

relevant investment products and builds partnerships that grow over time.

Our Investors

Discover unique opportunities that couple the rigour of underwriting with ease of investment

  • Sectoral Expertise tested over time.
  • Well diversified investments.
  • Higher risk– adjusted returns.
  • Co-investment for incentive-alignment.
  • On-going risk monitoring and surveillance.
Our Client Partners

A grassroot revolution in the making

We build long-term relationships with our client partners, walking shoulder to shoulder with them as they build their businesses and transform the economy ground up. We are invested in their challenges and their successes.