Intermediate Retail

Our Intermediate Retail Lending is aimed at Originator Partners in our focused sectors, which include NBFCs, HFCs, and small finance banks that lend to underserved borrowers. As part of intermediate retail:

We lend to and guarantee the borrowings of our Originator Partners for retail on-lending by them and invest in and/or credit enhance the portfolios sold down by them.

We have an experience of over 14 years in our target segments with over ₹1.50 trillion of cumulative financing facilitated for our portfolio companies since inception. Through this flagship business of Northern Arc, we have partnered with more than 306 financial institutions. Our extensive work in this space has enabled us to develop sectoral knowledge and a deep understanding of the credit and risk assessment of these sectors.

Through our placements business, we facilitate debt raising for our Originator Partners from both onshore and offshore investors, enhancing access to a reliable and diverse network of debt capital through key structures and syndicated offerings of our products. This deepens their access to a reliable and diverse network of debt capital.

Given our knowledge and underwriting capabilities, along with an understanding of the credit requirements of our partners, we consistently develop customized structures and financing solutions for them. We have closed various types of transactions, including:

  • Single and pooled loan issuances
  • Guarantee-backed structures
  • Bonds, including credit-enhanced instruments
  • Persistent securitization structures
  • Single originator securitization transactions

We operate in certain focused sectors which represent the diverse credit requirements of the under-served households and businesses. These focused sectors are MSME financing, MFI, consumer finance, vehicle finance, affordable housing finance and agriculture finance