Our Compass

Access to Finance is Empowering and Transformational

Our Vision is to be a trusted platform that enables the flow of finance from capital providers to users in a reliable and responsible manner.

Northern Arc is inspired by an ancient trade route that connected the East to the West. It created the first means of the contact between the old world and the new, the world of those with access to a better quality of life and those without. It cut a path over mountains, valleys, rivers and rapids.
It empowered traders to establish prosperous trade along its length, transforming the economic landscape of every geography it passed through. It was the new frontier. Over a decade Northern Arc has changed the landscape of access to finance for the sectors we operate in. We are the Northern Arc of the new world of finance.
Our Mission

To enable access to finance for the underbanked in an efficient, scalable and reliable manner

Our Beliefs
  • Unstinted commitment to our sectors, clients, investors and the nation.
  • Leading, through the creation of knowledge and expertise in the space we operate in.
  • Using innovation as a tool to develop new products and processes for creating investment opportunities.
  • Understanding risks and pricing them fairly.
  • Skin-in-the-game and long-term incentivizing as a means of building a stable platform for access to finance.
  • Long-term growth and profitability as important ingredients for scalability.
Our Values

We adhere to a shared code of ethics and high standards of professional conduct.


We are nimble and quick to adapt, learning and evolving as we go.


We push the frontiers of finance through knowledge and innovation.


We understand the needs of our stakeholders and are aligned with them.


We are unwavering in our commitments and stand by them.