Northern Arc Investment Managers

Northern Arc Investments is our Fund Management Vertical, a Wholly-owned Subsidiary of Northern Arc Capital

Northern Arc Investments Manager (NAIM) was established in 2014, since then we have secured ₹40,250.00 million* in investor commitments, spread across 10 Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) and two Portfolio Management Services (PMS) strategies.

* As of September 30, 2023

Adhering to the work and ecosystem created by our parent company, Northern Arc Capital, we facilitate investments that ensure easy access to finance for companies. Our focus lies in supporting companies with a good track record in increasing the penetration of financial services in India. Our investment strategy is centered on making impact-oriented and returns-focused investments in a number of key sectors, echoing the theme of financial inclusion. These sectors include Microfinance, Affordable Housing, Small Business Loans, Vehicle Loans, Agri-business Loans, and Corporate Finance. We have also expanded our horizons to encompass emerging sectors like clean energy and agriculture, aligning with our mission to offer accessible, reliable, and sustainable financial solutions to the underserved population in India.

At NAIM, we have evolved over the years to provide sustainable solutions to our investors through a diverse range of funds. Whether you're looking for a single-sector focus or a multi-sector approach, we offer investment strategies with varying tenures and liquidity preferences. Our commitment to meaningful returns remains unwavering, and we take pride in consistently surpassing targeted returns across all our funds.

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We adhere to the highest standards of fiduciary responsibilities keeping in mind the best interest of our investors. Through active portfolio management, we not only meet our objectives but also provide transparent reporting on returns and impact measurements to our investors. Additionally, it enables us to embed one of the industry's lowest fee structures into all our products.

At NAIM, we don't just invest; we contribute to a sustainable and inclusive financial landscape. Join us on this journey towards impactful investments and financial empowerment.

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