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Direct MSME lending:

Supply Chain

Our technology-driven supply chain financing offers tailored credit solutions to various participants within the enterprises’ supply chain network. We have an in-house loan management system that handles high volumes and conducts real-time validations for disbursements and settlements. The client portal allows borrowers to request financing, upload invoices, and access features such as bulk uploads and real-time dashboards. Leveraging our proprietary technology platform, Nimbus, which is integrated with various APIs, our loan origination system provides comprehensive and integrated technology capabilities for our supply chain financing.

Northern Arc's Supply Chain Finance solution is designed to address financing needs within the entire supply chain ecosystem.

Our Solutions

Vendor Financing

Provide vendors with customized financing solutions, strengthening supply chain relationships.

Dealer Financing

Extend financial support to dealers, enhancing their capability to promote and distribute products.

Sales Invoice Financing

Unlock working capital by converting outstanding sales invoices into cash flow.

Purchase Invoice Financing

Manage procurement cycle by making payments to vendors or suppliers based on purchase invoices.

Client Portal

Nimbus, Northern Arc’s proprietary platform, addresses capital requirements across diverse enterprise ecosystems. It is designed to empower various segments, including last-mile channel partners and suppliers. Nimbus redefines financial solutions for modern businesses.

Nimbus Journey

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Northern Arc Supply Chain Finance Offers: