Credit Rating

Northern Arc has been upgraded to AA- (Stable) credit rating by ICRA and India Ratings in March 2023 and September 2023, respectively, from A+ credit rating for all our long -term facilities. For short-term bank facilities and commercial papers, A1+ (Positive) rating was re-affirmed by ICRA in March 2023 and by CARE Edge in August 2023.

Our credit rating is a key enabler for our diversified funding profile. Since 2015, our Company’s commercial paper program has been rated A1+. Our NCDs and long-term bank facilities are rated AA- (Stable) as rated by ICRA in October 2023 by CareEdge Ratings. Further, our market-linked debentures, and subordinated debt program currently have a rating of AA- (Stable) as rated by ICRA. Additionally, in October 2023, ICRA re-affirmed our ratings as provided in March 2023. Also, a portion of our Direct to Customer Lending qualifies for categorisation as priority sector lending under RBI guidelines, enabling us to raise lower cost funding from banks.