Northern Arc Capital

Transforming Potential into Possibility

We are a platform in the financial services sector set up primarily with the mission of catering to the diverse credit requirements of under-served households and businesses by providing efficient and reliable access to debt finance.

Our diversified debt platform taps into a large network of financial institution partners, technology platforms (such as fintechs) and other entities to originate financial exposure as well as small businesses and individuals. We engage with an equally large network of investors across different investor classes who use our platform to access opportunities to invest in the under-served sectors in India.

Where the rubber hits the road

Our platform provides three primary offerings:

  • Financing

    From our balance sheet, we (i) lend to and guarantee the borrowings of Originator Partners for retail on-lending, and invest in and/or credit enhance the portfolios sold down by them; (ii) lend to under-served households and businesses; and (iii) lend to mid-market companies operating in preferred sectors. As part of our financing offering, we also plan to launch a dedicated rural finance business through our subsidiary, Pragati.
  • Syndication and Structuring

    we work with our Investor Partners to structure and syndicate financing through a variety of debt, credit-enhanced debt and portfolio financing products for our Originator Partners and mid-market companies. We also demonstrate skin-in-the-game in our syndication and structuring offerings, which provides comfort to our Investor Partners and which differentiates us from other debt arrangers in the market which do not assume skin-in-the-game.
  • Fund Management

    Based on contributions received from Investor Partners, our subsidiary, NAIM, manages debt funds that invest in mid-market companies and our Originator Partners. As part of our skin-in-the-game approach, we make capital contributions to our funds, including contribution as sponsor of the funds. For more information, click here.

Building sustainable change that paves the way for progress

Northern Arc Capital attracts talented capital market professionals with extensive experience to help enable access to finance for the underbanked in a scalable and sustainable manner. Through our debt intervention, we empower millions of individuals and businesses across the length and breadth of India. Through our underwriting, we reinforce customer protection principles thus improving the quality of products and services that end borrowers receive.