Our Approach

Unleashing opportunities from a different vantage point.

From our vantage point, we have the ability to straddle opportunities in credit, investment banking and fund management. We understand the needs of our investors as well as the needs of our clients. Through a combination of our capital, products and partnerships, we connect millions of borrowers to mainstream debt investors. Our rigorous credit underwriting approach and our in-depth understanding of capital markets allows us to offer efficient debt solutions for client partners and attractive risk-return opportunities for debt investors.

Structured Finance

Purposeful Innovation

Necessity is the mother of invention. When we began working in this space, there were no off-the-shelf financial products and structures available. Given the unique needs of our clients, our investors and the sectors we focus on, we had to begin by creating the relevant product and structures. What started as a necessity soon became the DNA of the organisation. Continously innovating and adapting to the requirements of our clients and investors, is now a way of life.

The Multi Originator Securitisation (MOSECR), Pooled Bond Issuance, Pooled Loan Issuance, the Single Issuer Partially Credit Enhanced Bond(SPiCETM) and many more products we launched are all testimony to our ability to innovate with purpose. Designing structures that are efficient from a returns perspective, and prudent from a risk perspective has been important for us.

We believe in innovating and disrupting for the greater long-term good of the market we operate it, and hence each new product goes through the most stringent testing on risk and compliance. Products and structures pioneered by us have received global attention with attempts at replication in other markets. We have encouraged such attempts as long as they address requirements of the underbanked and follow the same standards of governance and transparency that we practise.