Our Approach

Unleashing opportunities from a different vantage point.

From our vantage point, we have the ability to straddle opportunities in credit, investment banking and fund management. We understand the needs of our investors as well as the needs of our clients. Through a combination of our capital, products and partnerships, we connect millions of borrowers to mainstream debt investors. Our rigorous credit underwriting approach and our in-depth understanding of capital markets allows us to offer efficient debt solutions for client partners and attractive risk-return opportunities for debt investors.

Structured Finance

Purposeful Innovation

We have demonstrated a track record of more than a decade in offering customized products for various users of our debt platform.

Our Company has pioneered the introduction of multiple innovative products such as the first securitization of microfinance loans, first pooled multi-originator securitization transactions (“MOSECTM”), persistent securitization (“PERSECTM”) involving securitization of vehicle loans with a replenishing structure. Embedded in our product designing capability is an understanding of the diverse credit requirements of our retail borrowers, originator partners, and mid-market companies, the sectors that they operate in, as also the risk and return expectations of our Investor Partners. Our product structuring and designing capabilities have earned us awards for the ‘Best Arranger of the Year’ consecutively in 2018 and 2019 and ‘Most Innovative Deal’ in 2019 by the Indian Securitization Foundation.

Our knowledge in product designing and customization is further strengthened by Nimbus, which makes use of technology and our Company’s large data lake to offer curated opportunities to both Originator Partners and Investor Partners.