Our Approach

Unleashing opportunities from a different vantage point.

From our vantage point, we have the ability to straddle opportunities in credit, investment banking and fund management. We understand the needs of our investors as well as the needs of our clients. Through a combination of our capital, products and partnerships, we connect millions of borrowers to mainstream debt investors. Our rigorous credit underwriting approach and our in-depth understanding of capital markets allows us to offer efficient debt solutions for client partners and attractive risk-return opportunities for debt investors.

Market & Investor Relations

Presenting a valuable risk-return opportunity.

We undertook the challenge of creating a robust debt market where none existed before, a decade ago. We overcame this challenge by developing a deep understanding of asset classes that were earlier, simply not on the radar of capital market investors.

We believe that incentive alignment across all parties to a transaction is important and builds a level of responsibility that goes beyond mere words. We demonstrate our skin-in-the- game approach by co-investing in these opportunities. This sets us apart. Our ability to invest our own capital allows us to push the frontiers in terms of creating new products that suit the requirements of our clients and investors. Basis this, we have succeeded in bringing many first-time investors into our transactions.

These include mutual funds, insurance companies, pension funds, private wealth investors and others. As investors and principals, we continuously risk monitor the performance of the credit opportunities we take to the market. Hundreds of domestic and international investors invest through us on an ongoing basis. Our expanding investor base, values the access to investment opportunities and information, backed by our extensive in-house research capabilities.