20th July 2021

Impact of Covid 2.0 on Vehicle Finance NBFCs

Covid-19 has inevitably disrupted operations across businesses. The Commercial Vehicle NBFC space witnessed some challenging times owing to the emergence of Covid-19 and the sudden shutdown across the country. Vehicle deployment underwent massive alterations as most of the vehicles were in use for essential goods movement. While business operations were recovering from the first wave impact, the country faced a deadlier second wave of Covid-19. However, both waves had a varied impact on the Commercial Vehicle Finance NBFC Business Operations. 

This note delves on:
  • Covid 1.0 Vs Covid 2.0
  • Commercial Vehicle Finance NBFCs
  • Impact of Second Wave on CV NBFC Operations
  • Collection Efficiencies
  • Liquidity
  • Divergence in performance across geographies and size
by Northern Arc Capital