Our Approach

Unleashing opportunities from a different vantage point.

From our vantage point, we have the ability to straddle opportunities in credit, investment banking and fund management. We understand the needs of our investors as well as the needs of our clients. Through a combination of our capital, products and partnerships, we connect millions of borrowers to mainstream debt investors. Our rigorous credit underwriting approach and our in-depth understanding of capital markets allows us to offer efficient debt solutions for client partners and attractive risk-return opportunities for debt investors.


Supply Chain

In order to capture a greater market share of the MSME finance sector, we propose to develop a digitised supply chain finance platform which will enable us to finance the working capital requirements of Anchors.

We believe that the supply chain finance is characterised by lower delinquency due to shorter tenor, involvement of the Anchor in each leg of disbursements, end-use monitoring, etc. We intend to deliver a seamless transaction experience to our customer and aim to be a leading player in the industry by applying our technology capabilities. We believe that this offering will not only bring new streams of revenue but also increase our client-base for other products.